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May 26, 2010

I’m Alive!!!

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I can feel you all around me,

Thickening the air  i’m breathing,

Holding on to what i’m feeling,

Savoring this heart that’s healing,

Im alive!! Im alive!!


Can’t Wait

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Wow!!!! The sixth grade only have one week of school left and today is our last day we actually have to do work because tomorrow we have our P.E field trip and Friday we have D.A.R.E Graduation and then the first, second and third we will be at camp. (“Awesome”) Can’t wait camp is going to be awesome I mean swimming, stream study and,  fat man squeeze oh what fun.  Well next year I will be in seventh grade in the big McDowell school how exiting.

May 20, 2010

!?!?!?!?!!? D.A.R.E ESSAY !?!?!?!?!

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By: Kelsey Hedges

We have DARE to make people stop doing drugs and so we can learn about drugs and why we should not use them. For those of you that don’t know what Dare stands for I am going to tell you… D.A.R.E stands for Drug- Abuse-Resistance- Education.

My favorite lesson in DARE was Family Feuds. My family came in second place. This was my favorite because we got to work in groups and it taught us more.

In DARE we have learned a lot about Tobacco, Marijuana, Alcohol and all the types of pure pressure and how we should not use these drugs or any other types of drugs. We also learned more ways to say “NO” to someone if they try to get you to use drugs. Drugs not only hurts you but it hurts family friends and other people. Like say if you were drinking and driving you could wreck into someone else and this is why it is important not to do drugs.

1.Avoiding the Situation

2.Strength in numbers (be with a friend at all times)

3.Walking away

4.Cold shoulder (Just ignore the person)

5.Saying “NO”

6.Giving a reason or fact (its bad for you)

7.Changing the subject

8.Skipping CD (No, No, No, No)

9. Use Humor (No I need all my brain cells)

I think D.A.R.E is a great program because I think it has helped a lot of people that use drugs to not use them and it also helps people if they don’t know what to do if someone tries to get you to use drugs.

Just think about this…

D – Define A – Assess R – Respond E – Evaluate. This is another meaning of D.A.R.E.

I pledge to my DARE teacher Deputy Thomas and my teachers to make wise decisions and to not use tobacco, or any other drugs and to stay healthy and keep myself out of trouble. I Kelsey Hedges will never do or use drugs.

May 12, 2010

Creating the Setting…

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Now for the second part of my Fictional Narrative.
2.Create the setting.  Where and when does the story take place.  How does the setting impact the story?

WHERE=In the beginning of my story we are in the Bahamas and the throughout the story somehow we end up in Hawaii at the end of the story.
WHEN= From2009-2010 or also know as today or these days. On a day when trees grow and the sun comes out and then goes down.
IMPACTING THE STORY= The setting impacts the story by a rainy day and more.
Well this is most of the setting in my story.

Characteristics and Physical Traits

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For the Reading Workshop we are wirting a Fictional Narrative and this is the first step of a Fictional Narrative.
1.  Create your characters and develop their characteristics and physical traits.  Is there a villain and what is he/she like?  How does the bad guy impact the story?
Addison is the first character on my list, then Adlyn, Alex and Julie.
Addison’s characteristics are light blueish/greenish eyes curly brown hair and Adilyn her TWIN sister has strait blonde hair and cloudy blueish/greenish eyes.
Juliet there BEST FRIEND has curly blonde hair and glossy blueish/greenish eyes.
Alex is too there BEST FRIEND. Alex has brown hair and big and beautiful brown eyes.

Addison and Adylyn have the characteristics nice, pretty, cool and not preps.

Juliet is the really pretty, amazing singer and very nice.

Alex is like so much different from any other guy. He hangs out with his friends Juliet and the twins, he’s never dated anyone has only been good/best friends. Kind of shy and always happy.
Well this is the start of a great Fictional Narrative so read on.

The First Step to Writing a Story Involves Making Some Decisions

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In the Reading Workshop we are to write a story about anything we would like to. These are some details that are going to be in the story.
How many characters will there be?
Three characters
What are the names of the characters?
Addison (Addi), Adylyn, Alex and Juliet
Who is the main character?
Where does the story take place?
The Bahamas and Hawaii
When does the story take place?
What will happen in the story?
Different things

May 11, 2010

Who is He ?

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Today were are to write more about our person we are studying, but yesterday we had a field trip and we have tell about what we saw in then.

So yesterday I found out that he is not really an outside person. By this I mean that he doesn’t really have much to do with nature and all that type of stuff.

I noticed that he stayed more with the teachers instead of his friends. He does not smile much.

Well thats like all I notice on our field trip so.

To Be Continued…

April 27, 2010

Ohio Achivement Assement (OAA)

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Today April 27th 2010 we had our OAA reading test and it was kind of hard but still I hope I pass. Well I want to show you this video “YOU CAN DO IT” from the Reading Workshop.

April 21, 2010


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If I were to get bullied like Russell I would just try to avoid the person who is bullying me. But if it was a type of bullying like Russell’s then I would tell someone right away that I was having trouble with someone. Then I would let then deal with this person.

If this doesent work then let them know I am not afraid of them. Well maybe cause that might be scary to say to a big bully.

April 13, 2010

What Is Your Potential?

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I think my potential on a scale from 0-100 I am at 71%. I know that I can do better, I’m not trying my hardest at all.

When Brock though he could only go to 30 with some 160 pound guy on his back and the coach said no I’m making you go to fifty he though he couldn’t do it with this guy on his back. But in the end he was at 100 blind folded and all. But he gave his best and that’s all that counts.

I want to be that way. I want to have one of the highest scores on the Ohio Achievement Test (OAT). But that can’t happen unless I try my best.

My best is 100 but to achieve this task I could pay attention. Then I would learn more. Also I could Ask more questions when I am confused. But if I don’t do this I will not do good and this means I’m not trying my best.

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